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    The Madness of George III
    By Alan Bennett

    19:30, Tue 20th October 2009 - Sat 24th October 2009 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 2

    George is King of England.

    George is sovereign of the world’s greatest commonwealth.

    George is also going mad.

    So when the King's illness takes hold, the impatient Prince of Wales - his "fat turd" of a son - begins to scheme for sovereignty. A greasy tangle of ignorant doctors, corrupt politicos, and self-seeking royalty all vie for power. It is left to the unconventional Dr Willis to restore the King to his senses before it is too late.

    Witty, poignant, and terrifying by turns, this is one of Alan Bennett's greatest plays, later an Oscar-winning film. From insightful humour to George’s heart-wrenching relationship with his beloved "Mrs King", this is a moving and powerful portrayal of a king’s descent into madness. Lavish costumes, the glorious music of Handel, and Cambridge's finest acting talent come together in this extravagant landmark production.

    "I am King of England, sir. A man can have no better conceit of himself than that.”


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