The Bacchae
    By Based on Euripides

    23:00, Wed 6th – Sat 9th November 2013 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 4

    This is Euripides' tale as you've never seen it before, set in the week of the London riots, August 2011. Wild Bacchants are tearing down Pentheus' city, driven by the elusive Dionysus, and in their midst is Pentheus' young daughter, Agave, caught up in this seductive and mysterious mob. Physical theatre, live percussion and multimedia footage combine to bring this ancient tale of hedonism firmly into the modern day.


    Production Team

    Stage Manager
    Assistant Director
    Publicity Designer
    Musical Director
    Film Technician –
    Assistant Producer
    Costume Designer
    Set Designer
    Technical Director
    Lighting Designer