Funny Girl
    By Jule Styne, Bob Merrill & Isobel Lennart

    19:45, Wed 20th – Sat 23rd November 2019 at Robinson College Auditorium
    Michaelmas Week 6

    Newly set in 2019, Funny Girl follows the story of Fanny Brice, talented and irrepressible but incapable of succeeding as a woman in traditional showbiz because she doesn't fit the mould of the all-American beauty queen. The show charts her meteoric rise through comedy instead and her turbulent marriage to Nicky, who struggles to cope with his wife's successes. Featuring such hit songs as "People", "The Music that Makes Me Dance" and of course "Don't Rain on my Parade", Funny Girl is not to be missed!


    Fanny Brice
    Nick Arnstein
    Eddie Ryan
    Mrs. Brice
    Emma/Ziegfeld Tenor
    Mrs. O'Malley
    Mrs. Strakosh


    Conductor –
    Keys 1 –
    Keys 2 –
    Drums –
    Bass –
    Reed 1 –
    Reed 2 –
    Trumpet 1 –
    Trumpet 2 –
    Trombone 1 –
    Violin 1 –
    Cello –
    Guitar –
    Horn Dep –
    Trombone 1 Dep –
    Reed 3 –
    Keys 2 Dep –
    Drum Dep –

    Production Team

    Musical Director ,
    Associate Producer –
    Assistant Producer
    Stage Manager
    Deputy Stage Manager
    Assistant Director
    Publicity Designer
    Costume Designer
    Technical Director
    Set Designer
    Sound Designer/Op –
    Choreographer ,