By Sieve Bonaiuti

    23:00, Wed 26th January 2022 - Sat 29th January 2022 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 1

    Eidolon is the Ancient Greek word for ghost, dream, or vision, and the play is meant to be a dream-like fairytale or folk-story, making use of familiar, yet unsettling, archetypes, and playing with the border between fiction and reality. The story follows Sasha, a nonbinary immortal jester who interacts with the audience and also functions as the play's narrator, Þjórsá, the play's main character, a very confused and reluctant hero, and Penelope, a prophetess who's come to rescue her old love, on a journey through the dark woods, along which they meet ravens, monsters and old gods.

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    Eidolon is looking for a producer!

    I'm looking for a producer  for Eidolon, a play about dreams and fairytales, which will be staged the first week of Lent term as the ADC Lateshow! if you're interested, please drop me a line at with any previous work you have done (though no previous experience is necessary!) It will be great to bring this piece of student writing to the stage!

      Contact before 1st Dec 2021 00:00 for more details.


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