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As Seen As Possbile
By Ariel Hebditch

20:00, Wed 1st – Sun 5th March 2023 at Christ's New Court Theatre
Lent Week 6 to Week 7

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mild sexual references, mild sexism and classism, comic depiction of hell, comic mentions of blood and sacrifice

Do you love the limelight? Do you envision a blue plaque on your childhood home and your underwear selling for 50 quid on ebay? Do want to be famous (even if it is just for fifteen minutes)?

Well, these guys sure do...they're in Cambridge comedy, what did you expect? Join our sketch comedians as they wrestle with their own egos, tackle celebrity culture to the ground and punch Andy Warhol in the face. We ask what it means to be famous in past lives, present lives and afterlives, and you ask how you can fill an hour's sketch show with such a narrow concept. From multi-millionaire movie stars to anonymous fanfic writers, this show casts its satirical eye on fame in all its forms, and if you happen to catch us by the stage door, we might just give you our autographs.

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