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    Faust: ADC/Footlights Panto 2006
    By Henry Eliot, Luke Roberts & Tom Sharpe

    19:45, Tue 21st November 2006 - Sat 25th November 2006 at ADC Theatre
    19:45, Mon 27th November 2006 - Sat 2nd December 2006 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Thu 30th November 2006 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Sat 2nd December 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 7 to Week 8

    Dodgy deals with devils and dames.

    The big fat Footlights pantomime is back: and this year it's going to be Hot as Hell.

    What are your deepest desires? What are your wildest dreams? What are they worth? Three Wham bars? ALL your pogs? How about your EVERLASTING SOUL?

    Come join us on the Faust-track to the Underworld and barter with temptress Mrs Topheles, fall in love with history's hottest tottie Helen of Troy, and quake before Satan himself.

    It's big (it's massive) and it's clever (it's pretty clever), but above all FAUST will be full of thigh-slapping hell-arity for all the family.

    Book now before it sells out. Come on, everyone: Go to Hell.



    Faust -
    Satan -
    Mrs Topheles -
    Helen of Troy -
    Robin -
    Cornelius -
    Female Chorus -
    Male Chorus -


    Musical Director -
    Assistant Musical Director -
    Composers - ,

    Production Team

    Director -
    Assistant Director -
    Production Designer -
    Technical Director -
    Lighting Designer -
    Master Carpenter -
    Sound Designer -
    Costume Chief -
    Stage Manager -
    Deputy Stage Manager -
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    Assistant Stage Managers - , , ,
    Puppet-makers - , ,
    Master Electrician -
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