By Gilbert and Sullivan

    20:00, Wed 24th November 2010 - Sat 27th November 2010 at Robinson College Auditorium
    Michaelmas Week 7

    1985: A media scandal rocks the British political landscape. Iolanthe, member of notorious freedom fighter gang, the Fairies, has an affair with a junior parliamentarian and rising political star. Then she disappears off the tabloid radar in disgrace and an interesting condition.

    2010: With their leader having turned to drink, the Fairies are rebels without a cause. Little do they know that by persuading the Fairy Queen to welcome Iolanthe back into their ranks, they will start a revolution.

    24-27 November 2010: Join us for this contemporary reimagining of Gilbert & Sullivan’s charming operetta, where magic lurks behind political activism and the establishment doesn’t stand a chance!”

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